About Us

Horoveda is an astrology service provider with a group of esteemed astrologer’s - Jyotish Guru’s. Horoveda provides astrology solutions that include personal astrology consultation, Vastu Shastra (Hindu system of architecture), Cheena, Kundali and Birth Chart creation and analysis, love and marriage kundali matching, auspicious date (Suva Sahit) analysis and many more. Aside from these astrology services we also provide you with your free Kundali / Birth Chart when you sign up.

We have highly experienced and knowledgeable team of astrologers who have been providing astrology services for more than a couple of decades. You can have one on one chat with astrologer of you choice thorough our private and secure chat system . We also provide video call facility through our website to have a face to face consultation with Guru Ji. We will provide you with the recording of the video call with Guru Ji for your viewing, which you can view later.

Horoveda has easy sign up / login with google or facebook. You must fill in additional information which is needed for the creation of kundali / Birth Chart and other further analysis. To get personalised services you need to select necessary package and pay through the available payment systems - esewa, fonepay or stripe.

For more information please see the FAQ section or send us a message through our contact page or our social media contact page or contact directly through our email - info.horoveda@gmail.com